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Oral Presenter's short Biography

Oral presenters should submit their short biographies to the session chairs and provide presentation materials to the session staff 20 minutes before the session starts. It is not necessary to submit this form if you are a presenter of Poster Session.

To provide convenience to presenters, we open this biography submission menu. Please fill out this form and upload it here. The file name of this should be started with your paper number.

You can also fill it out on the spot and submit it directly to the chairperson.

  Biography Form 

Title | Author | View | Date
 No new posts IPS.OA-00709 Cha,Jae-Hun  position1 2 2017/10/18
 No new posts OS4-00690 Eun Kyoung Gong  dmsrud6231 8 2017/10/16
 No new posts ISS_IC_117_2017_Jeong_Hun_Kim  jaykepri 7 2017/10/16
 No new posts OS4-00785 Jinsik Lee (KEA)  meeknpoor 3 2017/10/15
 No new posts OS5-00775  nahsc 3 2017/10/15
 No new posts OS5-00771_Yongjie Luo  LuoYongjie 5 2017/10/15
 No new posts OS3-00806_Hongxi Zhang  zhanghongxi_nr 3 2017/10/14
 No new posts IPS.OB-00789_Seung-Jeong_Na  nsj8313 6 2017/10/14
 No new posts OS-00699_Fujita Shinya  cky13145 6 2017/10/14
 No new posts APAP2017_00764(OS4)_Short Biography  lmdconfidence 5 2017/10/13
 No new posts OS5-00776 Jung-Hun Lee  ejh1015 6 2017/10/13
 No new posts 2017_Short Biography ISS-IC 102 Sang-Min Choi  kepco seoul 7 2017/10/13
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