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Oral Presenter's short Biography

Oral presenters should submit their short biographies to the session chairs and provide presentation materials to the session staff 20 minutes before the session starts. It is not necessary to submit this form if you are a presenter of Poster Session.

To provide convenience to presenters, we open this biography submission menu. Please fill out this form and upload it here. The file name of this should be started with your paper number.

You can also fill it out on the spot and submit it directly to the chairperson.

  Biography Form 

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 No new posts OS3-00751-YaHui Wu  wuyh12 7 2017/10/08
 No new posts IPS.OB- 00669 Muhammad Ali and Soon Ryul Nam  mali89 6 2017/10/08
 No new posts ISO1-00666_Junho_Hong  Admin 11 2017/10/07
 No new posts OS3-00741_Men-Shen_Tsai  Admin 7 2017/10/07
 No new posts IPS.OB-00718_JinHong OH  gkl321 12 2017/10/06
 No new posts IOS2-00724_Satoshi_Takemura  takemuramelco 9 2017/10/05
 No new posts OS2-00749 Dinesh Rangana Gurusinghe  Dinesh 23 2017/10/05
 No new posts OS3-00686 Michael Jaworski  Michael Jaworski 16 2017/10/04
 No new posts OS2-00755_Sohrab Mirsaeidi  sohrabmirsaeidi@yahoo.com 12 2017/10/03
 No new posts OS4-00712_Huan Han  Joy Han 11 2017/09/29
 No new posts OS4-00781_Hwanhee_Cho  whee88 12 2017/09/29
 No new posts OS06-00678_Choong-koo Chang  danchang 13 2017/09/29
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