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Session Guidelines

Keynote Speech
Three keynote speeches will be provided by worldly renowned experts with the special lectures of the conference theme that includes many issues like recent developments, technology trends and prospects.

IOS (Intensive Oral Session)
Each speaker will have 15-minutes for presentation. After all the speakers of this session finished their presentations, 40-minutes will be provided for the session chairman to summarize the presented papers and to lead the intensive discussion about the topic of the session including questions and answers for the presented papers. The speakers of IOS Session will be eager to share their experiences and knowledge on the session theme. The participants are recommended to review the papers of the session and to prepare the discussion beforehand for intensive and deficient discussion.

OS (Oral Session)
Presenters will have 15 minutes presentation time and additional 5 minutes discussion time.

IPS (Intensive Poster Session)
To find ways to overcome the shortcomings of traditional way of poster presentations, a new type of poster session will be performed in APAP2017. IPS is a blend of posting and oral presentation. As far as the time of session, the traditional poster presentation will be after oral presentation. Only qualified papers which are recognized as timely and meaningful will be selected for presenting orally. Each papers has 5 minutes to present. All the oral presenting is over, the posting presentation will be started. A poster board will be provided. Authors must stay near their poster all along the session in order to make a discussion in detail with interested participants.

ISS (Industry Special Session)
The participants in this session will share their field experiences and new ideas. Since ISS is dedicated to industry people who used to feel uncomfortable about writing a full paper and the academic conference, the speaker will make a presentation of only about two to five minutes. If you want to get more detailed information related to this session, please go to "Submissions" and find the submenu named "Industry Contributions". 

Tips for Oral Presenters
Each speaker presenting the paper in technical sessions has to submit the biography to the session chairperson 20-minutes prior to starting the session. A biography form will be prepared on the registration desk.
Each speaker also has to hand in the presentation material to the staff in the session room 20- minutes prior to starting the session.

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