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Session Guidelines

Keynote Speech
Three keynote speeches will be provided by worldly renowned experts with the special lectures of the conference theme that includes many issues like recent developments, technology trends and prospects.

IOS (Intensive Oral Session)
Each speaker has 10-minutes for presentation. After all the presentations of the session, the session chairman summarizes the presented papers and leads the intensive discussion including questions and answers concerning the presented papers for 40 minutes. The audience is recommended to review the papers of the session and to prepare questions beforehand for intensive and fruitful discussion. 

OS (Oral Session)
Presenters will have 15 minutes presentation time and additional 5 minutes discussion time.

IPS (Intensive Poster Session)
To find ways to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional poster presentations, a new type of poster session is designed in APAP2017. The IPS is a blend of the poster and oral presentations. Presenters of the selected papers first highlight their research efforts and contributions for 5 minutes in an oral session and then meet the audience in the poster session hall for more active discussion. A poster board (150 cm height x 90 cm width) with the paper number on its upper corner will be provided.  

PS (Poster Session)
A poster board (150 cm height x 90 cm width) with the paper number on its upper corner will be provided. The authors are advised to stay near their poster all along the session.

ISS (Industry Special Session)
This session is designed to engage more industry experts and encourage active follow-up discussion among participants of mutual interest. This session is entirely running by oral presetations. The presenter has less than 5 minutes of presentation time and interacts with the participants after all the presentation ends.

Audio-Visual Equipment
In each technical session, a laptop computer installed with MS PowerPoint/Word 2017 operated in Windows 10 will be provided for speakers.

Tips for Oral Presenters
Speakers should submit their biographies to the session chairperson and provide presentation materials to the session staff 20-minutes before the session starts. A biography form will be prepared on the registration desk.

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