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Technical Tour

 Date & Time : Oct. 19, 2017 (Thur.) / 13:30 ~ 18:00


Hyatt Regency Jeju   Sinchang-Chagwi Coastal Road    Hallim Park   Hyeopjae Beach
  #2 HVDC facility    Jeju Int'l Airport   Hyatt Regency Jeju


Sinchang - Chagwi Coastal Road ImageSinchang - Chagwi Coastal Road
Perhaps as a result of its pleasant weather, it may feel like Chagwido Island is floating right in front of your eyes with a beauty that differentiates it from other coastlines. It is a very interesting coastline road. The sunset and the red-colored ocean are very beautiful when seen from Yongsu-ri Quay.

Hallim park ImageHallim park
Hallim Park, which opened in 1971, is the site of pioneer spirit of Song Bong-gyu, who have planted palm trees in 330,578㎡ of wilderness and turned it into haven of green. Hallim park, where fantastic 9 themes are displayed, was visited by lots of world-famous individuals, including Jiang Zemin, the previous Head of State of China and Nakasone, the previous Prime Minister of Japan. It is also world-wide famous tourist site where more than one million domestic and foreign visitors visit every year. 

Hyeopjae Beach ImageHyeopjae Beach
Clear waters and white sands are combined with broken shells, this long and beautiful shoreline offers a mesmerizing view of low-tide, with Biyangdo Island floating in the distance. The blue translucent water creates the illusion that one might even reach the island on foot. This year, the beach is open even during the night time, offering another tourist attraction. 

Second HVDC facility Image#2 HVDC facility
Second HVDC(High Voltage Direct Current), called Seo-Jeju converter station, was established for supply the power from continental to Jeju island through submarine cable. By using the HVDC, we took both efficiency and environmental-friendly facility. 

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