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Full Paper Submission Guidelines

Requirement of Paper Publication  
∙ Before submitting manuscripts in the website, authors are required to pay their registration fee
  first by credit card or bank transfer.
∙ All authors (including students) must pay the full registration fee in order to have their papers
  included in the conference proceedings.
ONLY 2 extra submissions are allowed.
You should pay additional USD 200 for each extra submission.

Submission Guidelines  
1. The deadline for paper submission is August 24, 2017.
2. Paper should be submitted in English using the APAP2017 format which can be downloaded.
3. Paper should be electronically submitted in PDF file.
4. The number of pages to be uploaded is limited to 6. (Minimum number of pages: 3)
5. Authors may change submitted file until the submission deadline.

  Full Paper Format (MS Word)


Full Paper Submission Process

1Logging in with your ID and password
(If you have not registered your ID and password to APAP2017 yet, please sign up first)
2Downloading the “Full Paper Format”
3Submitting a full paper by uploading the file on this page
4Clicking “submit” button and checking e-mail for submission acknowledgement 



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