The peer-reviewed literature represents the accumulated knowledge of a field. To ensure the quality of each contribution, authors must accurately and ethically conduct their research by following journal article reporting standards. They then must disseminate their findings and results to other researchers and to the broader public by publishing in high-quality journals that engage in a rigorous peer review process.

The guidelines on these pages help authors navigate the research and publication process, including determining what information to include in their research report, preparing a manuscript for submission to a journal, and communicating with editors and reviewers during peer review. Each journal will have its own submission policies, so consult the journal’s editor or website for specific guidance on how to format and what to include with your manuscript.

Research and publication are covered in Chapters 3 and 12 of the APA Publication Manual, Seventh Edition

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Journal Article Reporting Standards

Journal Article Reporting Standards

Guidelines for effective communication of behavioral science research

Date created: September 2019